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The   RLC   Association   has   had   a   long   term   objective   of   Bringing   together   more   closely   the   Associations   of   The   RLC   and its   Forming   Corps.   Extending   membership   of   branches   to   include   young   soldiers   of   the   new   Corps   with   veterans   of   the Forming   Corps” .   As   a   way   of   working   towards   achieving   this   aim   the   RLC   has   set   up   a   Unit   Twinning   program; twinning   the   forming   Corps   Associations   with   appropriate   units   of   The   RLC.   As   a   result   the   Army   Catering   Corps Association has been paired with 167 Catering Support Regiment RLC. This   could   not   be   more   appropriate   as   167   CSR   RLC   is   the   successor   unit   to   the   Central   Volunteer   Headquarters   ACC, which   was   formed   in   November   1975;   under   the   command   of   Colonel   Robin   Maddy;   first   in   St   Omer   Barracks   then moving to Clayton Barracks in the early 80’s. Based   in   Grantham,   Lincolnshire,   167   CSR   is   a   unit   of   the   Reserve   Army   and   has   an   almost   identical   role   as   that   of   its predecessor   CVHQ.   Its   Mission   Statement   reads   “Provide   trained   Reserve   Chefs   able   to   fully   integrate   into   any   Army Formation   in   order   to   deliver   world   class   catering   support   to   deployed   forces   within   the   required   readiness.   The Regiment   will   also   support   the   Army   by   training   and   preparing   all   Reservist   Chefs   to   the   required   trade   employment standards”. Reserve   RLC   Chefs   support   exercises   and   operations   on   deployment   both   as   reserve   units   and   by   attachment   to   regular   units. Since           their founding   in   1975   chefs   of   TA/Reserve   have   served   in   every   operational   theatre   from   Northern   Ireland,   the   Falklands,   and   Bosnia   and   in   recent   times have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. The   Association’s   Executive   Council   is   investigating   new   opportunities   for   members   and   prospective   members   to   benefit   from   twinning.   You   will   be kept informed in future Newsletters and via the Association’s website.
The ACC Association is Twinned with 167 CSR RLC
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