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The Army Catering Corps Association The Association's Aims and Objectives The   Army   Catering   Corps   Association   ceased   to   be   a   charity   on   31 st    December   2006   and   all   responsibility   for   benevolence   or   welfare   passed   to   The RLC   Association   Trust.   The   ACC   Association   is   now   purely   a   fraternal   organisation   with   its   primary   aim   of   encouraging   and   fostering   comradeship between all past and present army chefs. Membership   of   the   ACC   Association   is   open   to   all   former   members   of   the   Army   Catering   Corps   and   all   former   or   serving   food   service   personnel   of the WRAC, CVHQ ACC, TA, Reserve Forces or The Royal Logistic Corps. Currently there are almost 3000 members. Governance, Administration and Funding The   ACC   Association,   along   with   the   other   forming   Corps   Associations,   is   a   constituent   but   autonomous   part   of   The   RLC   Association   Trust;   managing its   own   activities   and   subsidiary   branches.   There   is   specific   ACC   representation   on   three   of   The   RLC   Association   Trust   committees,   these   being   The RLC   Association   Trust,   Heritage   and   Benevolence   committees.   The   full   organisational   chart   of   the   RLC   Association   Trust   showing   the   reporting   and funding lines can be seen here. The   management   of   the   ACC   Association   is   overseen   by   the   Association’s   Executive   Council   which   meets   twice   a   year.   The   role   of   the   Council   is   to ensure   all   the   necessary   actions   are   taken   for   disseminating   information   about   the   Association   and   the   functions   it   organises   and   to   conserve   the heritage, deeds and traditions of the Army Catering Corps. All   the   day-to-day   administration   is   done   solely   by   the   Association's   Secretary,   a   paid   part-time   post,   which   is   funded   by   the   RLC   Association   Trust. The   Secretary   is   assisted   in   his   task   by   other   members   of   the   Executive   Council,   who   give   their   time   voluntarily   and   free   of   charge   to   assist   with communications to members, the Association’s web site and compiling the Association’s Newsletter.     Not   having   any   form   of   subscription   or   the   benefit   of   a   “Days   Pay   Scheme”   the   ACC   Association   has   no   source   of   income   of   it’s   own.   All   funding   for the   Association   comes   in   the   form   of   very   generous   grants   from   The   RLC   Association   Trust.   The   ACC   Association   would   have   ceased   to   function   in any form many years ago without the contributions it receives from the Trust. Present Day Activities Remembrance   services   in   November   and   Corps   Sunday   in   July   form   the   backbone   of   Association   events.   There   is   an   Association   Reunion   Weekend away in May and for the golfers there are four Society meetings and 8 matches against other Corps. There   are   clubs   and   societies   for   special   interest   groups   like   Officer’s   Club,   ACC   Golf   Society,   the   Sergeants’   Past   &   Present   Association,   the   Airborne Chefs’   Association   as   well   as   regional   lunches   and   “get-together”   events   run   all   over   the   UK   throughout   the   year.   These   subsidiary   branches organise events for their own members. The   in-house   magazine,   “The   Flaming   Cauldron”,   is   posted   to   all   registered   members **    of   the   Association   twice   a   year   in   June   and   November.   The magazine   has   a   busy   members   letters   section   and   ex-corps   members   can   try   to   locate   old   colleagues   by   asking   the   readership,   as   well   as   all   the news and articles on forthcoming events and reports on previous functions. **   The   Term   ”registered   member”   refers   to   someone   who   has   given   their   contact   details   to   the   Association   and   these   details   are   stored   in   the   ACC Association’s membership database