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The   Army   Catering   Corps   Association   ceased   to   be   a   charity   on   31 st    December   2006   and   all   responsibility   for   benevolence   or welfare passed to The RLC Association. From   1   January   1995   The   Royal   Logistic   Corps   introduced   the   Benevolent   Grant   Scheme   for   serving   and   retired   RLC   and   forming corps personnel and eligible dependants. Eligibility for assistance under the Benevolent Grant Scheme is based solely on need. A   member   of   the   ACC   Association   Executive   Council   sits   on   The   RLC   Benevolence   Grant   Committee   to   represent   the   interests   of all ex-ACC personnel seeking assistance. Further information can be obtained from the Benevolence Page  on The Royal Logistic Corps website.
Benevolence for Army Catering Corps Personnel