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ACC Association enquiries can be taken by the RHQ RLC staff weekdays between 8am and 4.30pm ACC Association, Dettingen House, Princess Royal Barracks, Deepcut, Surrey, GU16 6RW Phone: 01252 833393
Contact members of the Association’s Executive Council
Members   of   the   Association’s   Executive   Council   would   welcome   comments   and   suggestions   from   you   on   how   the   Association   can   better   serve   the needs of the membership. If you have points you would like to raise with a Council member email them using the address shown below.
Chairman ACC Association Lt Col Nigel Shepherd Secretary ACC Association Major Wally Vincent Web Master
Family Interest and Third Party Enquiries
The Army Catering Corps Association DOES NOT hold any military records of past or serving Corps personnel. I f   you   want   information   of   Army   personnel   you   are   advised   to   contact   The   Army   Personnel   Centre   Historical   Disclosures   Section,   which   has   access to   Army   records   dating   back   to   the   1920s   and   can   supply   information   to   the   next   of   kin   of   deceased   former   soldiers   and   officers   who   have   served since 1920, and more limited information to other enquirers if fewer than 25 years have passed since the death of the subject. Please   note   that   there   is   not   as   much   detail   held   on   Army   personal   files   as   people   think.   Army   files   are   paper-based   records   that   follow   the   career of the individual and, in most cases, make little mention of theatres of operation or action seen. Medals   and   awards   are   recorded   but   citations   are   never   included.   Only   very   rarely   does   a   file   contain   a   soldier's   photograph.   Some   files   contain more   information   than   others   and   we   have   no   way   of   knowing   what   any   particular   file   holds   until   we   have   looked   at   it.   Regimental   War   Diaries, which   are   held   at   the   National   Archives   may   be   of   more   use   than   Army   personal   files   in   providing   an   insight   into   an   individual’s   war   experience.   For application forms use the link
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