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The ACC Corps Colours
Grebe Grey
Bunting Yellow
Much   discussion   has   taken   place   in   the   past   seventy   five   years   concerning   the   origin   of   the   Army   Catering   Corps’   colours.   The   answer   is   now unfortunately   lost   in   time,   but   one   of   the   colours   of   The   Royal   Army   Service   Corps   was   yellow   and   may   have   been   chosen   in   view   of   the   former associations of the RASC with army catering. It   was   promulgated   in   Army   Council   Instructions   (ACIs)   No   469   of   1941   that   the   shoulder   title   of   the   Corps   to   be   worn   by other ranks on service dress were the letters ACC in brass. When   the   designs   of   the   new   cap   and   collar   badges   were   announced   in   ACIs   1054   of   1941   it   also   stated   under   the heading   "Distinguishing   Marks   for   wear   on   battledress"   that   all   ranks   would   wear   the   letters   ACC   in   yellow   on   a grey background. In   ACI   1118   of   1940   "An   arm   of   service"   strip   of   coloured   felt   was   to   be   worn   by   all   ranks   on   the   upper sleeve   of   the   battledress   and   greatcoat.   The   strip   allocated   to   the   Corps   was   two   inches   long   and   a quarter of an inch thick. The first inch being of pigeon grey and the second half of yellow material. There   were   single   and   combined   colours   for   eighteen   other   arm   of   service   strips.   ie:   All   infantry   units   were   scarlet.   Grey   was   not   a   colour   used   by any   other   branch   of   the   army   and   may   have   been   the   reason   it   was   allocated   to   the   new   Corps.   Grey   backing   cloth   was   approved   for   the   worsted rank badges worn on battledress by officers. On   27   June   1947   the   Controller   Army   Catering   Corps   proposed   to   the   Army   Dress   Committee   at   their   second   meeting   after   the   war,   that   the existing shoulder title was unsatisfactory in that after a period of wear the yellow initials ACC became very indistinct against a grey background. It   was   proposed   and   agreed   that   the   full   wording   "Army   Catering   Corps"   in   grey   lettering   on   a yellow   background   should   henceforth   replace   it.   And   this   form   of   title,   introduced   in   1948, was   worn   until   battle   dress   was   finally   replaced   after   1963.   The   grey   colour   taken   into   use   by the Corps was originally described as pigeon grey. At   the   80th   meeting   of   the   Army   Dress   Committee   on   27   April   1955,   when   consideration   was   given   to   the   pattern,   style   and   colour   of   a   mess   dress for   officers   of   the   ACC,   the   description   grebe   grey   was   first   used.   Senior   officers   of   the   Corps   promoted   to   the   rank   of   Colonel   prior   to   1959   wore   a grebe grey band around the service dress cap and grey gorget patches on their collars. Although   there   had   been   no   change   of   colour,   grebe   grey   has   been   substituted   by   the   trade   for   pigeon   grey   and the British Colour Council identified the Corps colours as grebe grey and bunting yellow. The grey band is above the yellow band on the ACC stable belt