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Composition of the Army Catering Corps Association Executive Council The   Army   Catering   Corps   Association   Executive   Council   is   one   of   the   semi-autonomous   committees   that   makes   up   the   RLC   Association   committee structure. The   Army   Catering   Corps   Association   Executive   Council   consists   of   15   members.   The   four   members’   representatives   are   elected   by   ballot   of   the entire Association membership. Each   of   the   four   subsidiary   ACC   organisations   and   the   currently   serving   caterers   of   The   Royal   Logistic   Corps   are   represented   on   the   council   by   ex- officio members nominated by their respective club or association. The   Council’s   administrative   tasks   are   conducted   by   co-opted   appointed   members   that   cover   the   interests   of   both   the   ACC   and   RLC   Associations. These   co-opted   members   are   nominated   by   the   ACC   Association   Executive   Council   are   tasked   with   specific   tasks   and   responsibilities   for   the benefit of the working of the Association. The RLC Representative is nominated by RHQ The RLC. The current composition of the ACC association Executive Council is as follows: 5 x Chairman & Council members elected by the membership: Lt Col Nigel Shepherd  - Chairman Major Erik Crichton  - Members' Representative Position Vacant   - Members' Representative Mr Bob Nicol  - Members' Representative Mr Brian Henderson Jones   - Members' Representative 5 x Ex-Officio subsidiary ACC organisation members: Col  Wally Torrington  - ACC Officers’ Club Representative Major Alan Penny  - ACC & RLC (P&P) Sergeants' Assn Representative Lt Col Tony Monk  - ACC Golf Society Representative Mr Chip Walker  - Airborne Chefs’ Association Representative WO1 (Cdr) Simon Griffiths - Serving RLC Chefs Representative 5 x Administrative & Co-Opted members: Major Wally Vincent - Association Secretary Major Dougie Dau  - ACC Benevolence Representative Mrs Shelley Whittaker  - RLC Association Trust Representative Mr Colin MacDonald  - Web Master, Media & Communications Mr Mike Coyle  - 167 Catering Support Regiment Liaison Representative