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The Royal Logistic Corps Association The   purpose   of   The   RLC   Association   is   to   promote   and   develop   the   Corps'   corporate   identity   and   aims   to   achieve this through concern for Corps members, Regular and Reserve Army, serving and retired and their dependants.
Links to Other Forces Related Web sites
All   of   the   following   sites   are   dedicated   to   keeping   ex-servicemen   and   women   in   touch   or   to   register   their   interest   in   finding   others   and   finding information on military or Veterans matters.
** An unofficial site that has no direct or implicit connection with the Army Catering Corps Association

Army Catering Corps **

An unofficial web site, created by Brian Hogg, a former ACC soldier, for ex-Army Catering Corps personnel.

Forces Reunited

Over 500,00 members; the largest forces website with forums, search facilities, photo gallery, military news, dating, shop and much more.

Northern Ireland Veterans

A   fast   growing   organisation   that   needs   your   support.   The   ACC   Standard   is   paraded   at   their   annual   Service   of   Remembrance   at   the   National   Arboretum, Staffordshire.

Blind Veterans UK

St   Dunstan’s   is   an   organisation   specifically   aimed   at   blind   or   partially   sighted   ex-service   personnel.   It   now   accepts   applications   from   those   who   have contracted   sight   problems   since   leaving   the   Service,   no   matter   how   long   they   served.   If   you   know   someone   who   might   benefit   please   contact   the organisation   or   ‘phone   ACC   Association   member   Peter   Jupp   on   01273   415137.   Peter   is   willing   to   chat   over   his   positive   experience   and   give   advice   to members.

The Not Forgotten Association

Providing entertainment and recreation for the serving wounded and the ex-service community with disabilities

Blesma, The Limbless Veterans

The   BLESMA   organisation   has   become   even   more   important   in   recent   years   as   more   and   more   servicemen   return   from   theatres   of   conflict   minus   one or more limbs.

The British Legion

Launched   in   September   2007,   Honour   the   Covenant   is   the   Legion's   ongoing   campaign   calling   on   Government   to   honour   its   life-long   duty   of   care   to those making a unique commitment to their country.

The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families’ Association


The   SSAFA   Forces   Help   is   the   leading   national   charity   committed   to   helping   serving   and   former   servicemen   and   their   dependents.   Professional   staff and a network of 7,000 volunteers provide practical and financial assistance, emotional support and a wide range of services.

Veterans UK

An   important   site   for   those   interested   in   National   Commemoration   events.   Find   out   about   service   pensions,   lost   medals,   service   records,   and   much more. The Government is committed to improving life for ex-Servicemen

The Royal Hospital, Chelsea

Over   the   past   325   years   the   Royal   Hospital   has   been   home   to   over   25,000   Chelsea   Pensioners.   Today,   theRoyal   Hospital   is   home   to   veterans   who served   in   Korea,   the   Falklands,   Cyprus,   Ireland   and   World   War   II   and   is   making   itself   ready   to   receive   soldiers   from   current   campaigns   in   Afghanistan and Iraq when they retire.

 PTSD Amongst The Military and Veterans

"The   Silent   Enemy:   How   PTSD   Damages   Our   Soldiers".   Many   of   the   serving   or   veteran   military   personnel   who   are   diagnosed   with   Post   Traumatic   Stress Disorder   (PTSD)   are   simply   not   receiving   the   clinical   or   financial   support   they   need.   This   is   despite   the   fact   that   PTSD   is   more   understood   than   ever before.   In   fact,   doctors   have   been   treating   soldiers   for   psychological   effects   of   combat   since   World   War   I.   This   website   focuses   on   facts   about   how   PTSD affects servicemen and women.
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