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National Memorial Arboretum
The ACC Association will again lay a wreath on the ACC face of the memorial in The logistic Grove on Remembrance Sunday 11th November 2018
Following   the   last   three   year’s   very   successful   gathering   at   the   National   Memorial   Arboretum,   the   Association   is   going   to   be   there   again   in 2018   on   Remembrance   Sunday.   It   is   hoped   this   will   attract   many   ACC   Association   members   living   in   the   midlands   and   the   north.   So   put   it   in your diary and come along and join fellow ACC personnel for the day. There   will   be   no   need   to   let   the   Association   know   you   intend   to   go,   just   turn   up   and   look   for   the   ACC   Pennants   that   will   be   carried   as   the rallying point for ACC members. We   will   gather   in   the   restaurant   at   9.30   pm   and   then   go   as   a   group   to   The   Royal   Logistic   Corps'   "Logistic   Grove"   where   we   will   lay   a   wreath on   the   ACC   face   of   the   memorial   that   is   there.   Following   our   small   ACC   ceremony   we   will   all   go   to   the   central   remembrance   service   at   the base of the Wall of Remembrance, which starts at 10.20 pm. After the service we will lay another ACC wreath at the Wall of Remembrance. Finally, we will form up behind the ACC Association standard and take part in the march past and salute to the presiding officer.