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ACC Association Executive Council Election 2018
T wo   positions   on   the   ACC   Association   Executive   Council   will   become   vacant   in   March   2018.   The   elected   members   will   be   your   representatives   on the   Committee.   They   should   be   actively   seeking   the   opinion   of   the   membership,   listening   to   what   the   membership   has   to   say,   be   they   complaints, suggestions   or   aspirations   of   what   the   Association   should   be   doing,   and   bringing   that   to   the   Council   meetings   for   discussion.   Whoever   is   elected should   make   themselves   available   to   the   membership,   communicate   with   them   via   email,   telephone   and   Facebook   and   attend   Association   events so that he can meet as many members as possible. We   asked   those   wishing   to   stand   as   candidates   for   the   positions   to   submit   their   names   to   the   secretary.   Four   members   have   put   their   name forward
Voting Form
V oting Procedure Fill    in    the    information    about    yourself    in    the    Voting Form    on    the    right.    Select    the    TWO    candidates    you want    to    elect    to    the    Association’s    Executive    Council from   the   names   in   the   drop-down   option   boxes   at   the bottom of the form. Clicking   the   “Submit”   button   will   send   an   email   to   the Association’s     Secretary     with     all     the     details     you supplied    on    the    form    and    your    voting    preferences. The   Secretary   will   check   the   details   you   have   supplied against   the   Association’s   Membership   Database   and provided     you     are     a     *registered     member      of     the Association he will add your vote to the ballot. *    A   registered   member   is   someone   for   whom   the   ACC   Association has contact details in the Association’s membership database Data Security The   information   supplied   on   this   form   will   be   stored   in the   ACC   Association’s   Membership   Database   and   may be   shared   with   the   subsidiary   branches   of   the   ACC Association   and   The   Royal   Logistic   Corps   Association. This    information    will    not    be    shared    with    any    other third party organisation or individual.
Click on the picture to see what the candidate gave for their reason for standing election to the Council 
Voting is Now Closed